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Out of Home
  Copywriter: Sam Jones, PR Assistant, YouCom Direct


Search for any advert in the creative library of the Ad forum directory including Nationwide’s ‘life comes at you fast’ adverts (pictured).   Like a lot of agencies, we love out of home advertising.  Nationwide’s ‘life comes at you fast’ campaigns (pictured) create a lot of AIDA and engagement. Use this innovative Ad Forum directory to find any advert by brand or agency.   Brands aware of the benefits of video marketing, will know that insertion on to as many platforms as possible yields results.  Search through over 150,000 adverts in the Ad Forum Directory.  For any company with a video advert, this directory is a must.  

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Glossary: A.I.D.A – Awareness, interest, desire, action  

Required reference: YouCom Direct News Article, Nov 2015, London, ‘Ad Forum Directory’.