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Social Media
YouDirectories-Social-Media-Marketing-for-Brands-Today-IMAGE-HP Social Media Marketing is a relatively new term for brand advertising often abbreviated as SMM. SMM is a form of online marketing that uses social networking websites as a marketing tool to create brand exposure and engagement. The objective of SMM is simple; to produce content that users will want to share with their social network.   Social media sites represent opportunities for citation listings. A site where your brand is mentioned that will come up in natural search. As such they form good additions to online business directories. Foursquare & Google Places for example are well known sites for listing address and contact details with mapping functionality.   The key to SMM is Social Media Optimisation (SMO). Like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), SMO is a marketing strategy similarly designed to increase natural search for a company site by attracting new and unique visitors.   YouDirectories manage client’s social media optimisation by agency management of status updates, tweets or news/blog posts. But SMO can also be achieved by adding social media links to content like RSS feeds and share buttons such as the Pin it button for Pinterest.   Social Media Marketing is the new modern marketing method where brands can gain direct feedback from customers and customer leads. Consumers can engage with the brand and start a dialogue. This makes them more likely to have a long customer journey with you than with a competitor. The management of customers has long been known as CRM, but social media creates a new avenue to conduct CRM and is in effect a whole new marketing tool becoming known as SCRM or Social CRM. Social Media has become one of the most effective marketing tools to retain customers.   Myspace began the trend, but like many new marketing methods it requires mainstream adoption before it can be classed as a new tool. With the exponential growth of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, SMM has established itself in the modern marketing person’s vocabulary.   Glossary:

SMM – Social media marketing

SMO – Social media optimisation

SEO – Search engine optimisation

CRM – Customer retention marketing

SCRM – Social CRM

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Social Media
YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-HP There are several major media and technology companies showing an increased interest in the hyper local market so far in. Here are some highlights;   YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Yahoobought YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Alike andYouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Stamped Marissa Mayer, the recently arrived CEO at Yahoo, has already made several acquisitions in location marketing apps, two of which focusing on hyper local content. Stamped – an iPhone app to let people record and share information; and Alike – a mobile app that helps users discover nearby venues and places to visit based on their interests. As Yahoo! mounts a mobile offensive, Mayer uses her experience from heading up Google’s local division to build on personalisation and context-driven content. This will have an impact on the recent tie-in with the French IYP as Yahoo! Mobile expands.   YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Facebook  bought YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Gowalla andYouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Glancee Facebook launched a local discovery feature called ‘Nearby’ in December 2012 and a powerful local graph search in January 2013. Much of their team developing the location marketing app ‘nearby’ came from Facebook’s acquisition of Gowalla (orange logo above) – a location based social networking site once viewed as Foursquare’s biggest competitor. Facebook also bought Glancee to strengthen its local discovery product. Glancee uses Facebook to find common friends and Wikipedia to match users based on interests relevant to one another.   YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Grouponbought  YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Blink and YouDirectories-Hyper-local-SEM-Image-Sidetour In Sept 2013, Groupon bought Blink, a last minute hotel booking app that competes with the likes of the heavily backed HotelTonight, and Hot Hotels. Its features focus on local area search mapping and room unlocking using the app itself for select chains. One week later, Groupon bought SideTour, a local marketplace where people can book places for small-scale, bespoke activities, and post their own events. Groupon says that SideTour will continue to operate as a separate entity “for some time” as its activity listings start to get distributed via Groupon’s email, web and mobile channels. SideTour has established an identity as a platform where people seek out special events that typically have no more than around a dozen other people in attendance. Activities include meals, wine tasting and cocktail-making tutorials in private homes, walking tours etc. Glossary:

IYP – Internet Yellow Pages ( etc)

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Required Reference:

‘YouDirectories News Article, Sept 2013, London, ‘Hyper local SEM, the dynamics of location marketing’’