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Where will consumers be most receptive to advertising?

The face of local search engines has changed a lot over the last 18 years. YouCom Direct have produced the above infographic (see bottom of article for the full 18 year analysis) showing interesting patterns of websites that have come and gone, but also patterns of the future. Twitter is now in the top ten and still widely expected to supersede Facebook in the future. AskJeeves which became remains in the top twenty.   In 2014, more consumers engaged with brands on social media and our own Twitter feed serves as an example with many re-tweets and favourites for posts;

The impact of Photos in Business Directory Listings by YouCom Direct

We also advise companies to create a managed YouTube page whose videos can be used to drive calls from directory listings.  YouTube which can be seen was ranked fourth in 2014, has reached its highest popularity to date.  

Local Search since 1996 by YouCom Direct
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