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Copywriter: Lee Bratton, Senior Account Manager, YouCom Direct

YouDirectories discuss how more of us are buying pet insurance from directory adverts

Insurance is a heavily advertised category in directory advertising. Brands either challenge agencies to help them compete for greater market share with their existing product lines, or they supplement revenues by new product development and diversification.  Pet Insurance is one such area of diversification becoming more popular among consumers with one in four UK dogs now insured.   Pet Insurance has attracted low advertising budget in the past, but it won’t be long before insurance firms increase directory advertising and join the recent advertiser entries LV, More Than and Churchill with specific pet insurance advert creative in the Insurance-Pet classification.   With directory advert creative, the question is what pet to feature?  Which will resonate the most with new policy makers?A recent study suggests the answer is man’s best friend.   According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), there are 2.4 million dog policies out of a UK population of approximately 9 million (one in four).  Cats account for a smaller 1.2 million pet insurance policies of an approximate 7.9 million UK cat population (one in six).   In 2014, the ABI state UK insurance firms paid out approximately £602 million in pet claims, up 15 percent on the previous year. This equates to £1.65m a day.  

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Lee Bratton