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Yahoo! joins forces with PagesJaunes


When Yahoo! And PagesJaunes announced their partnership at the end of January 2013; it signalled a rise in performance for the French directory’s IYP listings. PagesJaunes is a major innovator in the French local search space online and this partnership means Yahoo! will have access to the millions of local business listings in the PagesJaunes database.  


Equally all business listings in the French directory site will benefit from the increased visibility of Yahoo! search parameters. As of February 2013, France’s PYP and IYP reach more than 90% of French consumers. Quite simply the local search scene varies significantly by country and France has fewer competitors to the local search space than the UK or US, in addition to SEM operating in different ways to its Anglo-American counterparts.


There are growing alternative IYP directories which can complement a program but this is still a strong partnership.

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Lee Bratton