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Print directories in a multi-platform world


Emil Morales, senior vice president at TNS and panel moderator, kicked off a local search discussion by showcasing the independent TNS study results indicating print Yellow Pages extends the reach of other local media. The data shows consumers use print Yellow Pages in conjunction with all other types of local media prior to and following the decision to buy. The discussion can be viewed here:  


The director of national marketing at YP also discussed the strong volume of call counts and the high return on investment advertisers receive from print directories. He said ROI for print ads is 13:1 and that call volumes are up 8% year-over-year, generating 35% more calls for existing customers, according to CRM Associates’ latest study. The YP national marketing director also talked about the significance of knowing your ideal customer, stressing that for many traditional Yellow Pages categories with desirable demographics like baby boomers and seniors, print Yellow Pages is still driving leads.  

Eric Webb, president of Marquette Group, focused on the importance of “a print and” strategy, noting that advertisers should consider print with other media.  

a Multi-platform world by YouCom Direct

Dave Wolf, managing partner at Link media 360, said “the challenge facing print is the fragmented media environment with numerous competing products and platforms available for advertisers to reach consumers. Print Yellow Pages should no longer be the primary medium but a necessary addition to ‘ground’ online traffic that might not reach certain [older] consumer groups.”  

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