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Copywriter: Sam Jones, PR Assistant, YouCom Direct

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

There are a lot of talented pumpkin carvers out there and in this article we present some stunning and funny designs from our mystery shoppers and publisher/supplier contacts. 

First Place – “Mr K” is the cool superhero name of Eileen’s 9-year-old.  Mr K shown above prefers to do a monster face than use a template.  Excellent Pumpkin grimace Mr K.  We look forward to what you create next year.  But it wasn’t only Mr K’s Pumpkin that won the top prize…    

Pumpkin contest by YouCom Direct

It was a family effort again that won second place with Eileen’s original Tinkerbell Pumpkin created using a drill bit.    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

And Eileen’s second attempt of a very pretty pumpkin (isn’t Halloween supposed to be scary Eileen?).  So, Eileen and Mr K win £15.00


Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Second Place goes to Dani for this Batman and Superman inspired effort with crazy teeth pumpkin in the background.  But this image alone wouldn’t have won without a little help from our furry legged friends as shown by the same picture in the daytime…    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Bat girl and Spider Dog to the rescue.  Dani wins £5.00  

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Lucy and her son Tyler are missing Disney and carved a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin.  Mum and son also carved Goofy, but the photos didn’t come out so well.  However, this effort judged with photos that we can’t upload, wins a third prize of £5.00.  Well done Lucy and Tyler!    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Group Account Director Award
Louisa’s boys were very keen for her to send their pumpkin efforts again this year.  The glitter pumpkin on the left is the work of 3 year old Oliver.  The scary face on the right is by 5 year old Benjamin!  Well done Benjamin!  They win the special Group Account Director award of £7.00    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Louisa’s husband and Life-long Mansfield Town fan sneaked his own design in between the boys pumpkins late one night, a carefully crafted pumpkin showing he’s a real football fan (no prawn sandwiches for him on match day).    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

One of our favourite pumpkins for cuteness factor was submitted by Petra having first been drawn all over by her 3-year old.  Very colourful.    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Laura’s daughter Sophie age 3 years helped her mum make the cat pumpkin and was very insistent on how it should look (an agency creative director in the making there).  Laura’s son Alfie, age 6 years, made the other pumpkin all by himself!  Well done Alfie!  And a very cute mini-pumpkin made by Alfie too.  We’ll be sending mummy some equally cute finger puppets because we’ve run out of cash prizes.    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Marie runs a creative and engaging blog and sent in the above.  Excellent effort by Marie and family and worthy of highlighting here.    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Jackie made her first pumpkin for ages after her children previously made them.  Placed at the entrance to her house by the looks of it, this spooky chap will scare off trick or treat visitors!    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Afra’s pumpkin is uniquely adorable.  Made with her 11 year old daughter who absolutely loves owls, this ‘Owl Pumpkin’ with it’s slightly odd eyes will bring a light and a laugh to even the darkest night.  And as Afra says, how many pumpkins do you see with feet?  Well done all!    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

Hannah’s son Jaxon (with a little help from dad) carved this and clever mum made pumpkin soup for tea.    

Pumpkin Contest by YouCom Direct

We end this year’s competition with a simple yet slightly sinister pair of pumpkins from Laura B. Thanks to everyone who took part.  Always remember if you’re making something anyway, give a competition a go, you might just win!  

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YouCom Chatter
Copywriter:  Sam Jones, PR Assistant, YouCom Direct

Pumpkin Entry: Master Benjamin Fryatt, son of Louisa Fryatt (with help from Daddy)

Photo Credit: Master Benjamin Fryatt, son of Louisa Fryatt (with a little help from Daddy)

Pumpkins are pretty hard to ignore. After all they are huge and a lovely bright orange. You can find them just about everywhere this time of year, from your front porch to your daily latte. In the spirit of Halloween celebrations, we asked our mystery shoppers to enter a competition with us. We want to thank everyone who took part, we had a lot of fun looking at all the ways people can carve a pumpkin!  There were scary pumpkins and funny pumpkins, pumpkins with amazing animals carved and pumpkins with bugs on top, even a pumpkin that looked like Peppa Pig! They were all absolutely brilliant, we found it very tough to pick a winner, but we had to choose. The winners are as follows:

  Elite mystery shopper Olivia Hack wins 1st Prize!

First Place – Olivia Hack for this outstanding tiger. Olivia is one of our elite mystery shoppers, if you want to know more about becoming an elite mystery shopper contact me via the website contact form.  Olivia wins £25.00  

Mystery Shopper Viki Marden wins 2nd Prize!

Second Place – Viki Marden, this one scared us!  Viki wins £10.00  

Maya Morgan's "spooky face" and personal effort wins 3rd place!  Well Done Maya!

Third Place – Rebecca Morgan, we couldn’t resist Maya Morgan’s adorable smile (while trying to look spooky) and the amazing effort that she did on this pumpkin.  Maya wins herself £5.00 to spend on her favourite sweets (with mummy’s approval of course!)  

Jemma McGowan wins the special group account director award for a memorial day pumpkin in honour of our fallen heroes.

Competition’s don’t have a fourth place, but we have a Group Account Director Special Award and that goes to Jemma McGowan for a Poppy Day Memorial pumpkin in honour of our fallen heroes.  The special award wins £7.00  

Congratulations to the 4 winners!

Here are a few other entries that were on our shortlist but just missed out.

Luka showed her brother a thing or two when it came to pumpkin carving and Mario added a boys touch for this Pumpkin dinner guest!

The Larkin family made this one; “Luka and Mario loved carving pumpkins but it turned the pumpkin’s stomach.” (Luka showed her brother a thing or two when it came to pumpkin carving, but Mario added the boys touch of sauciness to this dinner guest)  

Caitlin Teo made this scary cat! (mystery shopping mum Eileen supervised)
Mystery Shopper Eileen Teo’s daughter Caitlin made a scary yet cute cat:  

Kieran Teo made this scary pumpkin! (mystery shopping mum Eileen supervised)

Mystery Shopper Eileen Teo’s son Kieran created this one, the triangle eyes are great:  

Emma Easton's effort scared everyone in the office, we even had to get it approved to publish! hahaha (precision carving skills)

Mystery Shopper Emma Easton, very scary!  

Florinela Nedelcu's beautiful Halloween cat is a well deserving entry (we can't wait to see next years...)

Mystery Shopper Florinela Nedelcu, cute kitty, the whiskers are great:  

George Laws and Son send us a stern faced pumpkin from Scotland

Mystery Shopper George Laws, the eyes make this one look extra evil:  

Georgia Knight makes what must be the prettiest scary pumpkin with this lace-style effort.

Mystery Shopper Georgia Knight, the crosses above the eyes look like stitches eeeeek!

   Jacinta Zechariah's stunning designs seem to float in the air

Mystery Shopper Jacinta Zechariah, such an excellent effort

  Katie Shacklock's Day of the Dead style entry has soft-touch lighting elegance, a Tim Burton touch of artistry.

Mystery Shopper Katie Shacklock, the bug on top is just class

   Katy Mitchell's pumpkins made us laugh.. (the poor left pumpkin...)

Mystery Shopper Katy Mitchell, the one on the left looks afraid of the one on the right haha

   Kerrie Haywood produced a stunning Witch pumpkin with this photo

Mystery Shopper Kerrie Haywood, wicked witch

Another intricately carved Pumpkin by Kerrie Haywood

Another one from Kerrie Haywood, outstanding effort

Lauren Hulme sent us a Peppa Pig special pumpkin made by mummy and daddy for their daughter (clever daddy!)

Mystery Shopper Lauren Hulme, this was made by her husband for their daughter who is Peppa Pig crazy

   Our mystery shopper Leyla Preston has a wonderful blog ( where she shows her creative mind like this photo of a cute little pumpkin

Mystery Shopper Leyla Preston, we loved this small cute pumpkin

Scary Pumpkins from creative Leyla Preston!

Another one from Leyla Preston, scary pumpkins

Prize winner Olivia Hack produces a 2nd special pumpkin (this witch ate a lot of mince pies with a slightly large bottom!)

Mystery Shopper and first prize winner Olivia Hack, this was another entry that was submitted, the hat and broom are awesome

Petra Robertson makes Portuguese Jam from Pumpkins!  Now that's creative! :)

Mystery Shopper Petra Robertson, not a pumpkin but we loved this entry. Petra makes Portuguese Pumpkin Jam

  Shane Walker knows how to create animated characters with his Pumpkins (cool eyes Shane)

Mystery Shopper Shane Walker, the eyes stand out

Are Shane Walker's Pumpkins  cool or what?  Looks like Disney's Monsters Inc.

Another one from Shane Walker, we love the teeth

   Final entry from Shane shows forward planning and perceptual artistry to get the eyes and teeth just right.

One more from Shane Walker, this one made us laugh

Tamsin Mathias shows great talent with this very spooky pumpkin for little Esme (how clever is your mummy Esme?)

Mystery Shopper Tamsin Mathias, spoooookyyyy

Mystery shoppers are keen market researchers and online media experts who undertake a variety of work for our clients and those of our parent company YouCom Media.  Work includes online questionnaires, qualitative studies, focus groups, product reviewers and many more ad-hoc market research work which assists us in supporting our clients and their brands.  We have tens of thousands of online followers and enjoy building a fun online community of new friends and valued members.  This year we look forward to sending all Elite mystery shoppers a beautiful motivational calendar which will be our next event following the Halloween Pumpkin Carving 2016.  Thank you everyone!

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  Required reference: YouCom Direct News Article, Oct 2016, London, ‘Pumpkin Competition.